Our packaging decisions are conscientious and intentional. 


The poly mailers are made from 100% recycled ocean bound plastic pollution and can be recycled with soft plastics, where available.  The shipping labels feature a release liner that is made of 100% recycled content and is curbside recyclable with a recycle-friendly, high-performance adhesive.


The clear garment bags are completely dissolvable!!  Remove the adhesive strip first.  Boil some water and mix in the bag. The bag dissolves into the water with no toxic leftovers and you can then pour this water into your plants or down the sink.  If there is any residue that hasn't dissolved, please add more boiling water and watch it disappear!  The PVOH material is marine safe and the ink is a water based ink that is also non-toxic. 


The hang tags are made from kraft paper and are recyclable with other cardboards and paper (check your local regulations).  And for our logo stamps, we use Algae Ink™, which uses algae cells for pigment, making it safer and cleaner to work with, and more compatible with the recycling and composting process. Algae Ink is a net negative carbon technology.


Our packaging suppliers:

Eco Enclose
Hero Packaging
Better Packaging Co.